day 23

moi all time fav. team🌟
day22 29aug2014
look who’s crashing in my room
🐷🐷🐷 at Oya’s Room8🌸 – View on Path.
day 21 28aug2014
from the highest place in Bandung yeah
day20 27aug2014
complained about how lonely i become in here, and look who’s coming and visiting🐼🐼🐼

i dunno what else to share, but this carrot-lemon juice and this movie are good, so yeah

back in here….complained about how sucks the network in here, therefore i present: wifi finnally!!! 😂
day 16-17

told ya, going back to Jakarta doesn’t cause too much to boast, because: it’s hot in here and always busy bee i am because mom isn’t home AND bibi too😢
however, thank you to sissy treating me the best bubble tea (by far) in town 2daysinarow hhihi

clearly, back to Jakarta isn’t something i’m happy about (i just need to take some stuffs), however take a look at the costs maaaaan, it’s even cheaper than the highway costs😂 so much win!!!

ps. it took 4hours long from there to the last stop due to the traffic, if the traffic was normal i assume it will only take about 3hours and now am so schleeeeepy bye
day 14

Thursdays are holidays, but since it’s my first week i still dunno what to do (still no fwends😢) so i drove my lazy ass to here, a city i haven’t familiar with, feel so lonely but thank god i have you, ☕️
day 13

happy because:
1. a (new) friend visited my kostan this evening right after 🐼 left
2. and she took me to dinner
3. which then i found out that in front of my kostan there is a seafood restaurant and so yeayyy fat i’m sooo ready!!!
day 12

finnally! a nice (and cold) place for dinner tonight🌿🍃
day 11

shooo happy to have this girl by my side today😭 dunno how the day went if she isn’t here.. doing registration and stuffs from 6am (yeah, we went to Rektorat office way too early) until 3pm, exhausted but thank god it’s over, now time for some dinner&desserts yeay😋🌸
day 10

dragged this girl to accompany my ride to bandung, and succeed😊, Bandung here i come!