day 45
Sep 21

i forgot that i still have to complete the challenge 😩

today is all about my friend’s birthday😊
day 41
day 39
what is better than finishing your assignment (for friday) on monday😴
day 34
a super sleepy selfie, went out to meet 2 friends, and just got back.. and waiting for friends to pick me up bcs we’re going to see sunrise, yeay but hoam😴
Sep9, 2014
skipped a day because all i did was complaining about how lonely i feel in here😪
so this is for day 33 my recipe for a bowl of happiness (and fat, so much fat):
a canned sweet corn
and spreadable cheddar

omg this is sooo good you sud try😩😩😩
day 29-31
Sep7, 2014

have no picture to share, went to Jakarta for the weekend and i started to realize that being here makes me feel better, apparently my heart likes in here because…😊
Sep4, 2014

Fekhaza is visiting!!! and then i realized how sucks medschool without this guy (and the others)😭
day 23

moi all time fav. team🌟
day22 29aug2014
look who’s crashing in my room
🐷🐷🐷 at Oya’s Room8🌸 – View on Path.
day 21 28aug2014
from the highest place in Bandung yeah